Saturday, July 4, 2009

What does your Dog Eat?

Arnie helped himself to some left overs from Canada Day. First he grabbed the veggie dip. Odd but I figured he was looking for some leftover meat. Second, Arnie grabbed a piece of cake. Again maybe he was foraging for something. Both places there had been a bunch of bratwurst floating around. Maybe there was residual smells.

Tonight I get home to find Arnie has rummaged through the last Canada Day garbage bag and taken out the jujubes. I guess to his dismay he found there was only the black ones. He ate one but left the other three. (No we don't like those either).

So to recap, Arnie has stollen:
* Veggie dip
* Cake
* Jujubes

Oh and did I mention there were 30 bratwurst's and 24 burgers sitting on the kitchen table thawing all afternoon during Canada Day. He didn't touch that. Go figure.

1 comment:

Saje said...

wasn't he quarantined in the basement while people were over?