Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Trip to the fair

After Merry go Rounds BigE was determined to take Jakie and Eric to the fair. On Saturday we headed to the Gloucester Fair.

And boy was there a fair. This was a much larger fair then the previous parking lot fair. There was a nice mix of kids rides and "Big Boy" rides for Jake and Eric.

First up was the classic Merry-Go-Round.
BigE Merry go round Mam
Again in the modern fashion was the hard rule of only one parent per child. Never can have too many safety nets.

One of the most popular was this truck on rails ride.
BigE Black truck

There was a similar speed boat ride that was fun.
BigE in boat at the fair

The beauty of course is that you can drive with out even paying attention
BigE in boat at the fair no looking

Then there was a trip down the big slide.
BigE and Mama going down the slide

However by this time we had made our way through most of the rides. We did attempt to go one to far however. BigE's buddy found the small roller coaster fun. So we bundled the two of them up together for a ride. It was only three or four loops around a small track. By the time the second lap started BigE was in full tears. It was too fast.
BigE and Mama going down the stairs
That took most of the starch out of BigE for the day. After calming him down we decided to go to back to the slide. Nice, safe ride. Nope. BigE wouldn't have any of it. Even resulting in the walk of shame back down the stairs. So it was back to the safer rides for a few more trips to make sure the fair was a hit.

Then we headed to the back of the fair to check out the monster truck ride (no we didn't spend $5 a head to go), the petting zoo, and the rodeo ring. Where I managed to drop an inflated toy into the right about 15' from where a horse had to round a turn. Woops. No harm.

All in all quite a fun day.

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