Monday, January 28, 2008

Belly Button Operation

BigE is in to have his umbilical hernia fixed. Our afternoon surgery time has been slowly moved up to the point where momma and I are in the waiting room right now. We meet the Belly Button Doctor (as he's known in our house) as we handed off a happy little boy. Of course his calm and ease was assisted by a few CCs of some little happy /relaxation medicine.

Prior to this somebody was being very brave through the waiting room. But the whole leaving Momma and Dadda to go with the nurses was a little scary. Fortunately we had read "Franklin's Trip to the Hospital". So the whole process was somewhat known and he learned that working through our fears makes us brave. And if that doesn't do it they have drugs to help us fake being brave.

So both BigE and his stuffed toy giraffe, known as Raffe, have name tags on and are in the OR as I write.

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Anonymous said...

We're thinking of the little guy! Keep the updates coming