Monday, June 23, 2008

The Day of Visitors

No not aliens.

On Saturday we have a hole bunch of guests. Mama was at some car seat training at the WB Family. So we had their kids. We all went to the soccer practice.

Afterwards we came home and played. After a while the neighbours niece and nephew showed up. There were five kids working over the play structure. Lunch time everyone went home. While BigE and the WB Kids stayed for some special pasta (aka KD).

BigE and the WB family

The kids were back swinging
BigE and the WBs swinging

Later on in the afternoon Mama and the WB parents came over. Then our neighbour came over with her niece and nephew again. This time our neighbour brought here new dogs sasha and owen.

BigE and the WBs in the sprinkler

The dogs got along great. Sasha and Arnie played while Owen quietly munched on a bone.

As it got late in the day and super was approaching I figured it would be a good idea to cool the kids down before dinner. Out came the sprinkler and it did its trick

Then finally later in the evening I was all alone on the couch.

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