Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gloucester Fair

Well it's been a year since we went to last year's Gloucester Fair. Such memories as the terror of the kids roller coaster, the walk of shame down from the slide and the insane fun BigE found in the mirror maze.

This year we were all ready to go until the thunder storm kicked through in the morning. But by mid afternoon things were looking better. The weather was changing nearly as fast as it does on the rock.

Dada and an unseen BigE riding the Bumble Bee
Oddly our Bumble Bee didn't go as high as the others. Later when it was BigE, NoWay and Dada in the Bumble Bee BigE rightly observed that we weren't going very high because there was three people on the ride. (Even if the other two weigh less then a leg each.)

BigE, with Dada, NoWay, Owie, and their mom

One of BigE's favorite the trucks on the little track

Thought riding the Bumble Bee was bad? At least I didn't have to ride the Trucks.
Thought the Bumble Bee was bad?

The the rain came back. And was it ever coming down hard. Buckets, sheets, cats, and dogs all pouring down. We hid out on the top, and covered, floor of the Monkey Mirror house for a while.
The Monkey Mirror house
Then as I sent the kids down they had a blast riding the water slide. There was so much water coming down that they thought the regular slide was a water slide. Dada's but got very wet.

We waited out that rain storm on the sound idea from Mama that the rain was likely to end shortly. Which it did about 10 minutes later. They dried off some rides. It was fitting that the boat ride was one of the first back in operation.

The fishing boat ride

The fishing boat ride2

Finally the rain was too much, the time was getting late, and well frankly I had to stop eating fresh mini-donuts and we left. Then the rain really started to pour. Half a kilometer later at the car I didn't have a single dry spot. Not even my shoes.

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