Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gymnastics Day

It was BigE's last gymnastics class for a while. They don't run once a week school programs over the summer. Just summer camps. So it was let the parents participate (and out of the little upstairs room). Mama was able to catch a few pictures.

Here's BigE working the balance beam
BigE on the balance beam

A shoulder stand (PS apparently his upper body strength is a little lacking for the chin ups. Go figure)
BigE shoulder stand

Some work on the beam
BigE getting help on the beam

BigE upside down on the beam
A small achievement in walking part of the parallel bars. The usual thing is to do a monkey crawl across them.
BigE doing the parallel bars

And probably BigE's favorite part, well maybe the giant jump-o-leen, the foam pit. A running action shot as he leaps in!
BigE action shot into the foam pit

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