Monday, June 23, 2008

Soccer III

Well after Soccer is Back last week I wasn't sure if our luck would hold. But as it turns out our coach was there again. Perhaps the constant coach rotation last year was a one time thing. Anyways...

This week BigE got to break in his new soccer cleats. Perhaps not necessary but somebody was really jonesing for them. If it encourages his enjoyment of sports then what the heck.

BigE ignoring coach at soccer

It was another good practice. We did more dribbling drills. Instead of last weeks octopus and seaweed games we had sharks this week. On one of the warmup drills I caught BigE working the ball:

BigE dribbling the ball at soccer

I tried to catch some video of the game at the end between the parents and the kids but it was too hard to pick out the action. The kids were too busy working against each other to really get organize and score on us. Heck while they were chasing the ball everywhere I was enlarging our net. Either way they had fun.

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