Sunday, June 15, 2008

Soccer is Back

After Soccer Excitement BigE was very happy to see Soccer return. Probably because of the shin pads he got.

Saturday mornings we're heading to the field behind our house for a program run by a local soccer system. A little pricey but we're hoping for more. So far two practices and they have gone well.

Here's BigE getting ready
BigE in his soccer uniform

Here's BigE, number six, heading to the
BigE in his number 6 soccer uniform

Here the coach had them doing something silly to stop the ball. This time it was use your ear to stop the ball. It was a good thing BigE was going slow just waiting for the call.
BigE with his ear on the soccer ball

Here's a six second video of BigE making a save on a Dada kick:

Here's a longer (30 second) video showing the kids playing with one ball. They through in two balls for the next go around.

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