Monday, June 16, 2008

Thunderstorms and Hail

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH for the neighbourhood. It had briefly knocked power out at work about a fourty minutes earlier. Instead of waiting around for all of the servers to come back I figured I'd knock off the traveling early instead. Especially if traffic lights were out.

On my way home I managed to catch up to the storm. As I got near the neighbourhood a poor soul was on the side waving to cars. At about the same time as I could see him I started to hear the hail hitting the car. It was loud. So I stop the car and picked up the guy. Turns out he lived around the corner and was jogging home.

I could barely talk to him in the car because it was that loud with the hail. As you can see it was collecting up around the house:

After about 20 minutes or so it all subsided. But it was one heck of a storm.

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