Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun Time in the Pool

Another trip to see Auntie Bevie and Scott. But since they aren't the stars of our little production I some how managed to forget to actually take a picture of them. Funny how that happens hunh?

Here we are enjoying their pool. But it was a tad cool. That first couple of steps in seemed really cold. Just ask Mama
Mama finds it cold
And BigE
BigE finds it cold
Dada was cold later too just for the record. You adjusted or went number after a few minutes. BigE was enjoying the floating ring. Once he realized it could be turned into a fun toy to spin around and around as fast as you can it had to keep going.
BigE going for a ride in the pool
And finally an action shot of BigE jumping in the pool. Since we didnt have a life jacket we improved with the pool noddle. It's not like I wasn't two feet away from him. But it let Dada miss him a little when he jumped in the pool. That Splash was cold!
BigE jumping in the pool
PS Check out those ribs in flight.

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