Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gearing up for Hockey

We hope.

Here's BigE trying out his new hockey gear. Theres definitely a little Mama as he was very excited to try out his new equipment.

Bige in his hockey gear

We've been looking around at the different kits for kids figuring that would be a cheap way to enter the market. After all how long will he be in this stuff. The kits generally had decent pants and gloves. The shin pads were okay. The elbow pads were tiny. The chest protector was okay but a bit thin.

What I have discovered is that thin isn`t necessarily so bad because the gear is big but the child is small. So there is a lot of overlap so some small parts may not be that bad.

Why did I go for separate pieces after that long description? That head. I'm not sure where he gets it from. But it was too big for the medium sized kit's chest protector. The large kit's pants were way too big for the string bean. So by the time you replace one thing in a kit your at the price of separates. Which truth be told were a little better quality. Of course he's not going to wear through them. So I'll put them away for wee baby X if she ever decides to show up.

But if the kit would have fit I think I would have gone for it.

Heres one more action shot
Bige in his hockey gear making a save

Now on to getting him to skate.

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