Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Soccer Post Something or Other

Another soccer week has come and gone. In addition to the week day soccer camps of the past two weeks BigE still has his Saturday practice.

BigE getting ready to move
Early on they played a little British bull dog. That's where all the kids but one start on one line and dribble the ball to the other. If the British bull dog kicks their ball away then they join the bull dog. The coach was looking for a volunteer and BigE wanted to be it.
BigE being the british bull dog
One station was a passing drill. BigE was showing off his stuff to stop the ball before trying to pass it.
BigE working the cones
This week's game was against the Pink Panthers. Poor kids. The Grey Elphants, i.e. BigE, lost badly. The problem was goal tending. The few times they weren't watching the other game when the panthers were scoring they were looking at the parents clapping after the first save only to let the rebound in.

BigE did score to tie the game a one. The last time the elephants were in the game. A nice little kick from 20 feet out that was aided by a slightly distracted goalie.

Here's the kids at their post game hand shake slash high five.
BigE shaking hands with the pink panthers

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