Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tricking Your Brother Printer into Working

Let me state that I like my Brother MFC 210C. It's an all in one that lets me scan and fax. I've never had a big need for photo printing or really high quality printing. So it served my every day needs just fine.

But it had one GIGANTIC ANNOYING PROBLEM. If any ink cartridge, and I mean any, ran dry the whole thing stopped. I guess that was part of the give the printer away and sell the ink business strategy.

Out of Cyan ink? That's ok I'll just print in black and white. Nope it won't let you do that. Not even scanning or faxing for you! Ugh. Same thing for any other cartridge.

I mean really, I can't fax because I'm out of magenta?

I had been using cheap refil ink. But even when a cartridge seemed to have about 1/3 of it left I was getting empty cartridge messages.

Then I read about using black electrical tape to cover the edge of the cartridge. And boy does it work. Cover the one end of the cartridge that is not covered by the color label. On mine its the end that faces out.

Read the details here:
Trick Your Brother Inkjet into Working (caution a little language - but it does sound a lot like me when I found this).

Now I'm happy with my Brother printer. I don't know if I'd buy another one. But at least I can do what I want now. Spread the word.


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