Friday, November 7, 2008

Indoor Soccer

Yup, another round of soccer has started. This time its indoor soccer. Which happens to be in BigE's school gym. The coach was a few minutes late. And boy were the kids riled up. Green pinny kids were chanting "Smash the oranges" to the orange pinnys. Orange "Crush the greens". One kid was taunting BigE's team so BigE decided to go in with a little shove.

In and around all of that commotion they actually did some soccer.

The second shot is some passing practice against the wall.

The skills section was a little slow to keep the kids attention. They liked the little bit of game time. BigE played defence on his goal line. He was worried that somebody would sneak behind him and score if he left the goal line. My attempt to explain to him that as long as he payed attention and kept the ball in front of him fell on deaf ears.

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