Tuesday, November 25, 2008

That Seat is for my Feet

Holy Smoke. How did I not hear about this till now.

Disabled, obese allowed free extra plane seat

The decision ended a six-year battle by disabled travellers to secure two seats for the price of one if they need inflight attendants. Obese people can also qualify if they are too large to fit in a single seat.

Those that need help to fly I can see. (No just help getting your drink or a pillow but medical attendants.) Now I am no wee man, so I'm not trying to pick on the obese, but even I have to lean to get the arm rest down.

A possible sticking point is how to decide when obesity is a disability. The agency has recommended the airlines adopt a policy used by Dallas-based Southwest Airlines, which gives a free seat to people who are too big to lower their armrest.

Then again maybe they're trying to tell me something.

And for tBF.ca's understatement of the year award winner
The carriers have predicted that their costs would be significantly more because the policy would be abused.

Rights based on compassion. I wonder when this will rock our health care system.

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Anonymous said...

and what about the vertically unchallenged (my own PC term)?
I have a difficult time squeezing my long legs into the 'normal' seating arrangement, however I understand that the first class seats are spaced further apart for comfort. Shouldn't I at least get upgraded to first class or have the seat ahead of me kept empty so that I can properly incline the seat? My physical pain and mental anguish for the person that sits in front of me and routinely jams their seat back into my knee should be worth something.