Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Pretty Good Thermometer

Okay maybe a tangent post for but hey I like meat and I like to try and not completely over cook it. Also known as Newfoundland DONE! Aka like the sole on your boot.

My fancy wireless remote thermometer died after a brief encounter with some rain. It was quite frustrating. So I had been trolling Canadian Tire for a while to see if it would go on sale again. After a couple of months I found this little guy Accutemp Digital Cooking Thermometer regularly $19.99. (I picked one up on sale for $9.99)

I gave it a try tonight and it seemed to do a really good job. For just about any type of meat it had preset temperatures for rare, medium, well done. Select your level and it alarms when your meat is ready. Nice and simple. Note they're also customizable temperatures so you can slightly tweak them.

I'll have to do a few tests to see its accuracy. But for a basic thermometer it really seems to work. Now that simple interface seemed to fall down when I couldn't figure out the built in timer. But maybe that was me.

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