Sunday, October 14, 2007

Been Busy

It's basically mid-term season for Dads so I've been busy. Things have been coming up around the house but I haven't had time to update the blog. Don't worry they're being collected. They're coming to the blog soon. My last item for a couple of weeks is due Tuesday evening.

Related, Friday night I'm in an open book exam. Wasn't too bad for one of those.

Couple of funny things:

  • Even after asking the lab guy where to sit on the marker less seating plan I was still in the wrong spot and had to change just as the exam started.

  • In the end I don't think were you sat made any difference even though it seemed to be a big deal.

  • Here I thought open book just meant the book and notes. One guy had showed up with the jumbo bag of twizzlers

  • The guy sitting behind me had the teaching assistant nervous. 90 minutes in to the exam this guy hadn't sent any charts to the printer. They were the first two questions. "Did you print any charts yet?", "Nope", "Do you have your printer configured?", "Yup", "You know to use the Exam printer?", "Yup". Guy didn't seem too concerned

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