Monday, October 22, 2007

Jakie's Birthday

Friday night was big cousin Jakie's birthday. BigE was over having fun playing with Eric waiting for the birthday boy. Then when Jakie finally got home he had to take a shower after a muddy soccer game.

Somewhere at this point BigE realized "Hey this is Jakie's birthday" and proceeded upstairs to pound on the bathroom door demanding to give him the birthday card. After some pizza and party cake there was little confetti poppers from the dollar store. Turn the base and little bit of confetti pops out. They were a huge hit.

All in all great fun except for two things
(A) No Party hats! Can you believe it. BigE was upset
(B) Eric was a big meany for throwing BigE. One time BigE bumped his head on the couch and I think that spoiled Eric for the night. He was telling me at bedtime how Eric as a meany.

I mentioned Fickle at some point didn't I?

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