Friday, October 26, 2007

"I Don't Want to Swim Alone"

BigE got to swimming class this week and decided that he didn't want to swim alone. There was no way Momma was going to get into the pool. He had two instructors all to himself and could do whatever he wanted. Absolutely no interest in getting in the pool!

See BigE is in, what they call, a low ratio swimming class. It's three kids to an instructor. High ratio is 5 or 6 to an instructor. Given that BigE was just starting to become brave in the pool we thought it would be wise to pay the extra to get him in the low ratio class. The work and cost to repair a bad start in the pool was too risky for the sake of a couple of low ratio classes.

Well the two other little girls didn't show this week. That's how BigE had a class all to himself. Not that he wanted any part of that. At least we didn't pay for ultra-low ratio.

But when the class is a little fuller somebody is becoming really confident in the water. Which in the end is the real objective.

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