Sunday, October 28, 2007

Super Spy

There's nothing like a game of super spy on a Sunday afternoon. What's super spy you ask? Well it's a game where you run back and forth through the kitchen or family room and shout "Super Spy" at the other person.

That was until I was informed that I was the good guy and couldn't say "Super Spy". Not only that but good guys didn't get any stickers. I tried to explain him that the good guy is usually outfitted with the best gear but he wouldn't go for it. So I got to yell good guy.

Someone had the big grin during the whole game

BigE having fun playing super spy

A blurry pic from under the table
BigE under the table
He was giggling so much from under the table I tried to grab a pic. But as it turns out it was a little too close.

But the fun slowed when I dared to say "Hey Super Spy", of which he heard just "Super Spy", BigE then proceeds to tell me that he's the "Super Spy"

After settling down we continued on for another hour.

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