Monday, October 22, 2007

OG's Birthday Party

Yesterday BigE had a birthday party for his neighbourhood friend OriginalG. OG had his party at one of those kiddie game palaces. Bumper cars, mini golf, arcade games, climbing wall and more. BigE was a little shy at first but started playing along.

He was having a pretty good time and thought the bumper cars were fantastic. He, however, didn't drive the first two times he was in them. He was having a blast just being the passenger and pointing to cars to hit. So Momma took a turn with him, with BigE driving. Things went pretty well. BigE had been clearly paying attention to technique of driving. However next time when it came time to drive on his own he was none too happy. He sat around too long waiting for the cars to start. By the time I look up he's in tears. No more bumper cars for him.

Off we went for another round of golf. With a putting style best described as Happy Gilmore. We even had one incident where a slap shot, I mean tee off, went up a hill, gained flight a flew through a gaggle of kids. Eventually the ball ricocheted into a chair. Fortunately nobody was hurt.

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