Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Christmas Party

Momma's work had a Christmas party for the kids this past weekend. Momma has been in on the organizing for a couple of years now. Swimming, pizza, Little Ray's Reptiles, Santa, and a gift. A lot of fun for all the kids.

After the kids got a slice of pizza Little Rays Reptiles showed up to entertain the kids. They liked the spiders and the cousin to the komodo dragon (forget the name). BigE liked the big dragon. Then he saw the Snapping Turtle. Boy that interested him

Little Rays Reptile snapping turtle

He moved in for a closer look. Although he could touch he was interested. It might be the first animal that BigE realizes eats other animals. In this case fishes. So maybe that's ok.
BigE takes interest in the turtle

What's a round of reptiles without some big ugly old snake.
The big snake from Little Rays Reptile

Then came Santa and the gift. For the first time in the four years we been there BigE didn't cry upon seeing Santa. He even walked up and answered Santa's question about what he wanted for Christmas. Quite the brave boy. He even hoped up on his lap for a picture.

BigE and Santa

Afterwards he gave Momma a thank-you hug that was worth capturing.

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