Tuesday, December 18, 2007

BigE's Birthday Party

BigE celebrated his 4th birthday on Sunday. It took till today to get the guests out of the house and my exam written to get this post up.

It was one nasty day outside. 37cm of snow feel through the course of the day. It was a little questionable whether it was going ahead. However once Momma got there just before the start time she found almost everyone. In the end only one kid didn't make it. (And those following me were a little late).

BigE's party was at a gymnastics's club. He'd been there several weeks before when another kid from his class had a party there. He'd really liked it once he found the Jump-o-leen. Today was no different.

For the first hour the kids get to run, jump, climb on the bars and general mayham
BigE tumbling

BigE jumping off the big mat

After an hour or so of activity we headed up to the party room for a little pizza and party cake. This year the cake was a rocket ship. The last remnant of the original party plan (Rocket ships before Arnie's surgery meant we couldn't have 15 kids running around our house).
The Birthday Rocket ship birthday cake

Somebody had no trouble figuring out what to do with the cake
BigE and the birthday cake

Funny thing here was that all of the kids dove in to grab the candles to remove them. panicked parents worried about wax burns while the kids wanted to help or get one.

As mentioned the turn out was great considering the weather. With only the Torontonians following me late and the wussies from BC not making it.
BigE and the party crowd

At last we reached the presents. The kids were losing focus as their blood sugars increased and they became more tired. Once we started opening them the crowd surged forward to check it all out. BigE made out very well. BigE managed a nice Thank you at the end.
BigE opening presents
All in all I think everyone had fun.

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