Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Santa Claus Parade

We hit the Santa Claus parade for the village just down the road from us last Saturday. It was a cold day (compared to our warm fall). Minus teens Celsius plus wind chill. So we were all bundled up waiting for the parade to begin.
With Momma taking the pictures this is the best picture taken of me. To say I resemble Jabba the Hut here is no stretch.
BigE and Dada

Now the comfy couch award goes to these folks who parked in the no parking zone to watch the parade from their minivan. Maybe we're just jealous.
Best way to watch the parade

Here we are watching the parade go by. Again Momma had the camera so we missed taking a picture of the firetruck, police car, horse & wagon, and Santa.
BigE trying to watch the parade
After the parade we hit a local shop that does specialized ginger bread houses and shapes. You could get a house, chalet, palace, race car, or even aircraft made out of ginger bread. We picked up a little snack.
BigE on the way home
Here is one pic of our tired little boy. He perked up for another picture but this shows the little boy tired but willing to work through that ginger bread cookie.

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