Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another Repair

After my two rants last year about my Maytag stove in theBurner is Back, this week we had the fan go on our fridge. The fridge slowly started getting warmer despite being set to the normal temperature setting. We keep increasing the temperature setting until that wasn't keeping up. I even broke out the cooler to keep the milk and eggs in. For that I really chilled some beer bottles to help cool the cooler.

200 bucks latter it's fixed. The one positive thing that can be said was how quickly the service man was. We were fitted in during a canceled appointment less then two hours after a call was placed. The original appointment was going to be in a day.

When I was pricing the cost of a new fridge, only ones rated by Consumer Reports, I was only checking Canadian sites. That set a higher threshold for the repair. Anything more the 50% the cost of a new fridge and the Maytag was going to the curb. It wasn't until after the affair was over and I was talking to Mama did I think of checking the US stores. The fridges were cheaper but still not quite cheap enough to make the $200 repair too much.

PS Does anyone know if you can transport a fridge on its side? I.e. the only way I could move it from the US in our car.


Anonymous said...

Hey Paul

You can transport a fridge on it's side....but you need to let it stand uprught for 24 hours before plugging it in and using it.

Auntie Bevie

Saje said...

I'm with Bevie. I've heard the same thing. Just don't rent a car down there to bring it up here...