Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Post Mother's Day

Well everyone wishes you Happy Mother's Day. But how many people wish you Happy Post Mother's Day? Hunh? It does need a better name. Something like boxing day. Once the sales started getting prompted as Post Mother's day I'm set.

Seriously I doing one of those I needed the work week to recover from the weekend days. Tomorrow there should be some pics of BigE's, atleast painted, new room. The dinosaurs might be up on the wall. (That was Saturday).

Arnie even got out of the backyard again because the wind blew the gate in. I was in the garage, with the door open, talking to my Mama when BigE pipped up

"Uh Dada what's Arnie doing?"

To which I said "I don't know sweetie he's in the back yard"

As I finished that statement I felt something furry at my feet. Hmmm I think I should use up some of my extra chicken wire on the fence. Or maybe, just maybe, actually fix the gate.

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