Friday, May 9, 2008

Arnie's Walkabout

Funny thing happened yesterday. The wind blew on the fence enough that one of the set of hinges actually came off the post. The hinge bracket had pulled off over the screws. So the gate was open. Well sort of.

Arnie was out for a little walk about. From what we can gather he was pretty much taking the route we take during a walk. Little did I know that he was self walking.

Fortunately someone we knew up the street spotted him and kept him their backyard. Arnie was very happy to play with their dog.

Mama mentioned how proud he seemed to be when the neighbour brought Arnie and her dog to our place to bring Arnie home. He had a "Look! I went for a walk AND I had a play with my new friends!"

Arnie's safe at home and the fence is fixed. Although it maybe time for screws with larger heads or washers for the fence.

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