Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BigE's New Dinosaur Room

Well the new styled bedroom BigE was looking for is almost done. I picked up the blinds today. Hopefully, Auntie Bevie is by Wednesday to paint a dinosaur on BigE's wall. And for some reason BigE would like the bunk beds in his room. (His bed is part of a bunk bed set we picked up at costco. You could use each part separately and price wise it turned out to be two for the price of one.)

So here is the before picture:
The before picture
Here is BigE helping out with the painting.
BigE painting
BigE Painting 2
Due to the nice weather I was able to get 5 coats of paint (only 4 coats of trim with the brush) during Saturday. Three primer and two of the yellow.
The After picture
Monday while I was in class Mama was able to add the dinosaur wallies (from Amazon.com).
Close up on the stencil

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