Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Visit to Auntie Bevie and Scotts

Friday evening we headed to Auntie Bevie and Scott's place for some pool play and BBQ. There's nothing like a big splash into the pool. Especially if it's about 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Sounds warm but it's not really that warm.BigE Jumping in the pool
But it did make for a refreshing toe dipper for BigE and MamaBigE and Mama by the pool

Everyone was excited for the fresh local strawberries and whipped cream that was for dessert. Eric thought why waste that effort in eating the strawberries I'll just take the whipped cream straight up please. BigE thought that would be a good idea. Ready, Steady,
BigE and whipped cream
BigE eating the whipped cream
After dinner BigE and Eric were playing a little B ball.
BigE and Eric playing basketball
By the way Dada wiped the floor with Eric in 21's.

Then as it was whizzing past BigE's bedtime we started a little fire to make smores. After BigE made several and handed them out he decided he really was hungry for one.
Around the fire for Smores

Once we finally got him into the car it was well well well past his bedtime. Somebody was wired on the sugar, fun and smores. He even faked some snoring / sleeping for me just after we left. After fifteen minutes in the car his complaints of sleep became real.
BigE pretending to sleep

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