Sunday, November 4, 2007

Gymnastics are a Hit

I almost wrote 'hot' but then I thought you might get the wrong idea. BigE had a birthday party at a local gymnastics club. Once kid in his class attends. So they had a couple of the teenage coaches take them around the facility (think giant padded ware house) using different pieces of the equipment.

Of course we showed up on time and they had just started. BigE immediately attached to my leg. He was having no part. Granted most of the kids were strangers but he knew two. So I talked to him. I threatened to take him home if he didn't go out there. Finally I walked him out onto the mat. We were participating or leaving. One or the other.

Just as we go out it's time to leave the first mat and head to the other side. So we walk along. The only other kid requiring a parent was, maybe, two. On the way we get to walk over the padded trampoline style flooring for a big o-ring setup. That bouncy floor get's the boy's attention.

The we listen as the coach describes this course of two trampolines, some o-rings and finally a springboard-trampoline-vaulting horse. Well that got somebody interested. Instantly he was confident on off bouncing for all he was worth. I didn't really see him again for 40 minutes as they moved around the gym; only once they came back to the original spot.

All that jumping trampoline time probably was only outdone by the call "What do you want to drink? Coke, Sprite, or Orange crush? A Show of hands for Coke?" BAM the little boy's hand went up. I was like you don't even know what Coke is? Why don't you have Orange crush, its like fizzy orange drink.

NOPE. Two sips of his coke later "I LIKE COKE!" No sh*t I whisper to myself. That plus 10 handfuls of party mix and a big piece of cake made the party fun. He was even looking out the window, which overlooked the gym, for our coaches hoping to go back on the floor.

Then again maybe BigE thinks those treats are all part of Gymnastics. "Hey if I go to gymnastics I'll get this every week!"

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