Friday, April 18, 2008

Holy Play Structures Batman

Well between the influx of cash due to our bottle drive, tax return, and consumption savings due to that 2% reduction on the GST we were facing a tough choice. Deck or Play Structure. Somebody must have let the BigE on the choice because out of the blue he started talking all the time about a play structure.

After some deliberation we picked up this Monster from Costco

It's the Sunray Premium Playground. (Children not included). It did, fortunately, include an instruction manual and DVD! So I started last night. Here's phase 1.

There were 6 pieces. 5 boxes and one slide. Most of those boxes are 8 feet long. In effect I bought 4 boxes of wood. What a suburban noob.
Boxes from play structure

As a nice bonus there was another parts list and life sized bolt and nut layout inside the first box (of wood).
Plans for play structure

Funny tangent. I was doing the assembly with a bunch of lag bolts. I needed 12 of them. The 12 washers, nuts and everything else I needed were in bag A of the parts. BUT only 10 of the actual lag bolt. Mother @#$%#%! 15 minutes later I realized that the last two bolts were in the other bag, 'M', required for this step. Even more confusing was that there were three bolts in that bag. I only needed two? Go figure. End tangent.

So an hour later here are the two outer 4x4's that will be the frame for the fort portion of the play structure. I'm hoping to get the frame outside and upright tonight. This is the part that requires extra hands. After that I should be good to go.
Play structure outer frame assembled

PS I'm trying to console Mama on the lack of a deck. I think two or three pallets would make a good substitute! I wonder what she will think?

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Anonymous said...

Well I think it's now time that Jonah and Ethan became friends!