Friday, April 18, 2008

Play Structure Part II

Part III of the play structure saga.

Well after Holy Play Structures Batman I wanted to get a little work done tonight to offset the work on Saturday. The instructional video did promise between 12 and 16 hours of work. Plus my crappy drill will probably need two charges to get through the day.

I thought I've seen that there is a lot of drilling of pilot holes to get the structure upright. That would be a good task for tonight and give the battery lots of time to recharge for the morning.

So here is my progress ... up to step 3.
Play structure at step 3
Now did I mention that there are 23 steps?

There is another tall section still in the background on the grass. I think it's about time this big boy moved to the backyard. I think that will be a disappointment to the neighbours. I was starting to become the local freak show. "Hey let's go see how PB's doing"

Ok tangent time. I said that I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't have the largest wood structure in my drive way. Mama staired at me in confusion. I mentioned that 20 to 25 foot Trebuchet that was built down the street a couple of years ago. [They looked high school ish age, or at least we kept telling our selves that it was a school project to feel better]. Mama still looked confused. I said "How could you miss it? It was outside for months? It had to be over 20 feet tall?!?!" Then I realized that must have been about time I was the only one walking the dogs. End tangent.

Part III

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Anonymous said...

As for your trebuchet - do you still have it hidden away somewhere in the basement? If so, I'd love to borrow it. I have at least one bunny I'd like to pult with it.