Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Night Miscellaneous

Couple of things ...

Now that the snow is melting I know where all of my missing Purolator Courier delivery notices ended up. Three ended up my snow banks. What is really odd is how 2 got from the front door all the way to the other side of the driveway.

The Ice Rink that never was (did I mention the near record snow fall? Anyone want to shovel two driveways?) had a work light for evening hockey time. It was buried in one of the thirty or forty centimeter dumps we had. At some point as the snow melted Arnie or I walked on it and turned it ON! The other night I looked out the back door to see what Arnie was doing and there was a glowing circle of snow. I don't think it ended up being on very long. But it did melt the tarp that was over the top of it.

On top of all that the Bruins just scored to end the game beating Montreal 2-1.

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