Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Play Structure V & VI

Parts 5 & 6? Yeah I was too tired the other day to post. After adding the walls, safety handles and the slide that was pretty much it. Plus did I mention as I finished up the batteries on both drills and even the camera all died within 5 minutes of each other. That's when I said "I give up!"

So here is part 5:
Play structure part 5

So last night I went out try and get the swings up. A funny thing about the assembly instructions is that they have you do all of the infrastructure before doing anything kids would find fun. Poor BigE, everytime we finished a step he couldn't see anything new for him to play with. So I've abandoned three steps that finish up the roof and fascia. Because I don't think anyone cares.

On to the point. In a hour and a half push in the twilight hours I was able to get the swings up. They were Dada tested last night in the dark.

So here is the progress to step 6.

Play structure part 6

Oh and one more thing. Noticed the board that the swing set attaches to the main structure? I had that on upside down. So I had to start the whole exercise by removing all of the screws and bolts to flip it over. Thankfully that didn't take long.

Part IV


every kid in the neighbourhood said...

It looks great.....can I come play? Can I come play?

Barbara said...

You will have a garden of kids all summer, provided Ottawa doesn't get Newfoundland's wind, like it did the snow. looks great