Friday, April 11, 2008

What does Arnie Do All Day?

Here are a couple of pics that I had forgotten about.

Now there is a saying about not feeding wild animals. Turns out my neighbour had been throwing doggie treats to Arnie. Dawn is a very nice woman, who likes dogs and Arnie. So during one weekend when some of her family was over they went to the back door to look at Arnie. Of course due to the snow Arnie could pretty much see them. So they decided to throw him some dog treats. Which Arnie was very grateful for. But then you now what happens:

Arnie begging from the neighbour
Anrie can' go outside without checking to see if Dawn is home. This picture was taken weeks after the original treat throwing event. WEEKS! It's not likely to stop.

Now onto the second picture.

Want to know what a dog will do stuck in a yard covered in snow? Why steal from the composter of course. Those are hot dog buns in his mouth.
Arnie stealing from the composter
An easy supply of food that you have no trouble reaching into since the lid never stays on right and the snow is up to the lid. Interestingly he backed up around the corner as I came out the back door. Just like I was playing a film in reverse. "Nothing to see here"

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