Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Look Ma No Training Wheels

A monumentous moment happened on Sunday. BigE decided he was willing to try his bike without his training wheels. He friend two doors down had started riding without training wheels. BigE seemed to be concerned that the training wheels were slowing him down. We promised him that if he tried it we could put the training wheels back on.

So far we've done several short trips with Dada attached to the back. Each bike ride is probably longer then 100 meters. He's got the basic hang of it. It's that having to balance the whole time thing that is giving him trouble. In fact his ride back tends to be his best.

He was very happy when we decided to get a kick stand yesterday afternoon. We were our own little Canadian Tire commercial walking in to pick out a kick stand. Which turned out to be huge on his little bike.

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Barbara said...

Sounds like you bothe did petty good. I have trouble balancing, without wheels.