Thursday, July 3, 2008

Canada Day at the Community Center

There was a big Canada Day Party at the Community Center. This year they even more things to do and an even longer line to buy tickets. Dada volunteered during the setup in the morning for a few hours. Which did provide BigE with a pass for the rides. It was worth only a couple of bucks but it probably saved 30 minutes in a lineup.

So while Dada did some more volunteering Mama and BigE headed out to play.

mama and BigE at the community center

There was even a little go cart track setup on the parking lot. Fortunately four kids of about the same speed were on the track when it was BigE's turn. Quadruple driving Miss Daisy.

BigE on the go carts

Along the way they were fishing in the pool. I don't know if there was a prize but it was tough.

Then there was the biggest g'd inflated slide play land thingy I'd seen. It had to be over 100 feet. It came in three sections that were long. I honestly thought each piece was about 50' (for 150' in total). It was heavy. Deflated, I was helping them move and line up the pieces. There was 6 guys on the end of one piece just to drag it. After about 10 feet everyone was breathing hard.

BigE big inflated slide

There was something like 6 sliding hills.

BigE big inflated slide

BigE big inflated slide

Too bad there wasn't a picture of the whole thing. After a few more rides we had some snacks and headed home.

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