Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Strawberry Picking

We almost waited too long. It's been a year since we went Picking Strawberries.

The strawberry season was almost over when we went out looking for a upick this weekend. Fortunately we found a patch still open.The stawberry patch
Here is Mama and BigE in the field with some WB folks in the field
Mama and BigE in the stawberry patch
In case you thought we were taking the last few berries, while we were at the end of the field, look at the size of it!
One big stawberry patchThat little spot just off of center in the horizon is the barn where you enter and pay.

If we went picking does that mean we attempted jam? You bet you. And it turned out a near fiasco like last year. This year I added to the sugar too early so the pectin never set. I had to run back to the store to pickup more. After adding that the jam really wasn't setting. It was like syrup.

I sterilized a half dozen small jars and put some jam in those plus one large jar for the fridge. I wasn't sure what I would do with the syrup. But by the next morning it had solidified considerable. So now it actually looked like jam.

Question for the readers. Do I need to boil the jars of jam after sterilizing and filling them?

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