Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Soccer V

The skills progress continues at soccer. For the price I must say they have been working with the kids to consistently teach the kids. I was worried after some parents had a bad experience last year.

After a couple of weeks of passing and dribbling around cones they played a game against another group at the end of practice. Each team had two lines of five rotating over the course of a 15 minute mini-game.

BigE playing a game at soccer

BigE and his bunch were out against a line that had a couple of noticeable skilled (relatively) kids. BigE, Monkey and others could have competed but they still don't quite get the concept of the game. They often took the ball and ended up going sideways on the field.

In one great moment, which I didn't photograph because I was doing the soccer dad thing, BigE took the ball and drove to his own net to score. Why? Well we figure because the other team kept scoring on that net so that must be where you go.

BigE at soccer

Perhaps the best part was the Popsicle to end the day.
BigE and his Popsicle
Afterwards he played a little goal to one of the other teams 'good' players and he was doing fine. I think the Grey Elephants will be competitive once they get the game figured out.

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