Friday, July 4, 2008

It's Not My Fault It's In My Genes

Ontario woman gains East Coast accent following stroke (

Rosemary Dore, 50, of Windsor, Ont., had a left-sided stroke that left her with an accent similar to the Canadian East Coast accent, though she had formerly had a southern Ontario accent. Dore had lived in southern Ontario all of her life and only travelled to Florida on vacation. She had never been to the East Coast nor did she have any family members with East Coast accents.

"Everybody, even the doctors … they [thought] I was from Newfoundland, because I have an accent," Dore told CBC News. "But I didn't, because I come from Windsor, Ont."

And my favorite
Researchers gave Dore a CT scan, which revealed various changes in the brain consistent with an ischemic stroke. One month after the stroke, she was tested and found to have 100 per cent speech intelligibility.
Does that mean us Newfoundlanders are distinct? Or brain damaged?

PS Out of curiosity why did they use "Canadian East Coast" instead of "Newfoundland" accent?

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