Thursday, June 7, 2007

Chocolate Milk

Such a simple topic. Hardly anything to spend any time on. Except when you decide to bribe BigE into a trip to the grocery store. What will work? Cookie? Nope he's not in the mood. Odd but ok. How about chocolate Milk? Oh Yeah!

But we have to get the kind in the back. "The kind in the back?" Yup the kind in a cup and not a container. Seems as if we have a little connoisseur on our hands here. No old fashioned milk container for me thank you very much. BigE goes "I don't like the container of chocolate milk. I like the cup of chocolate milk"

Well there you have it.

PS Not till later does daddy notice that that kind of milk is about 50% more expense. And personally doesn't taste as good. But that hardly matters.

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