Sunday, June 10, 2007

New water slide

Mama comes back from the grocery store with surpise for BigE. It's an inflatable pool. The slide is a whale with an attachment for the hose to shoot a sprinkler. Well that was a pretty big deal! Somebody was running excited circles around the pool waiting to use it.

Here BigE is using his hands to block the built in sprinkler.

BigE on the new inflatable pool

Now would be a good time to point out that Dada blew that sucker up by himself. No pump. Just my lungs. It's a great and quick way to feel light header.

Here's a quick action shot:

BigE sliding down the new inflatable pool

Now about 30 minutes later after I had gone in to grab something I come out and BigE has the camera over by the pool. Now the problem is the sprinkler is on and he's dangerously close to getting the camera wet. Now I would like a new camera but not just right now. Anyways after the usual "Ahh, becareful BigE".

He goes "I was just showing the whale his picture"

Hmmm. Hard to argue that. Here's the picture he took.

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