Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dinner at Lone Star

Lone Star Texas Grill is one of Mama's favorite restaurants. If you come early, before 5:30, you can be in and out pretty quick. Fresh salsa and nacho chips, fajitas are made on site in the machine BigE calls the "Maker".

As a plus there is one not too far from daycare. After a few trips there on the way home BigE started spotting it on the drive home.

Today was a nice event. BigE made and rolled his own fajita. Mama described it as Vegetarian minus the veggies. Rice and cheese were the contents. Quickly and determined BigE rolled up his fajita shell and started munching away. We were doubly shocked when he ate the whole thing. BigE can be a picky eater.

Wonder where he got that from ....

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