Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Curious George

BigE has made a routine out of catching Lunar Jim in the mornings. (Look at that; CBC programming besides hockey being watched in our household!)

But what is really curious (ok no pun intended) is Curious George that comes on afterwards. BigE was given a reprieve from heading to daycare. He could snuggle Mama in the bed until the first commercial.

Sitting there I started thinking about the Man with the yellow hat. Check out this description from pbskids.org

He's Curious George's best friend and mentor, the reassuring parental presence who trusts George unconditionally, never expecting him to get into trouble. He's as well organized as one can be with a monkey in the house; well liked in the neighborhood; and a little goofy around the edges. In their spare moments, he and George can be found playing checkers or reading a book together.

Uhhh I feel soiled just copying that mountain of crap.

But on the drive in what struck me was that the Man in the Yellow Hat wears all Yellow. Except for his light brown boots. Then it dawned on me.

BigE will grow up to be the Man in the Yellow hat. Think about who loves yellow more then BigE?

Seriously. Think about it.

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