Friday, June 1, 2007

A trip to the Water Park

It was a warm day. High 20's with the humidex in the low 30's. So when BigE got home from daycare we headed to the water park. Talk about a fish to water.
BigE Water Gun
First things first. It's straight to the water gun. This was where we spent about half of our time. As time wore on he really started to get the whole spraying people thing. One poor girl got a full blast in the face when she wasn't expecting it. A little three foot devil had lowered the gun to catch her as she ran by.

The trick of it of course it to not get hit yourself
BigE hit by Water Gun
BigE's confidence grew and soon we were running around the outside dipping ourselves in the water.

Yes, I meant we. See Dada's patented straight arm.
BigE dada water park

Nothing like a blast of cold water to shock, invigorate you, or get you into a power pose
BigE Water Park PoseBigE kick water at the water park

Then after a hard day at daycare and the water park it's time to chill in front of a little bedtime Diego.
BigE on the couch

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