Saturday, June 16, 2007

Soccer Practice 7

As mentioned in Soccer Practice 6 last week was a week off. So I was curious to see how everything went. BigE and I were a little slow getting up today. Somebody was not very anxious to go. Things didn't look very promising.

However once we kicked the ball a couple of times BigE warmed up quickly. We knocked down some cones with the soccer ball while the other kids ran to the other side of the field. That gave us enough time to get warmed up. After that he was running full stride with the rest of the kids.

BigE was covering quite some distance during keep away. He got in there several times to steal the ball and take off. There wasn't any quitting going on.

During the final five minutes the usual scrimmage took place. And as usual BigE played goalie. We might have to teach him the name of another position. But he did help his team to about a 5-0 victory. Although I think he only had to make 2 saves.

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