Saturday, June 2, 2007

Soccer Practice 5

Well we had another soccer practice, building on BigE's confidence from
Soccer Practice #4. Now when the red headed hooligan kicked BigE he still had to come over to Mommy and Daddy for a quick hug before rejoining the play.

BigE was out and running with the practice the whole way. He's starting to get the concept of only using your feet. BigE was very pleased when the coach commented on how good a passer BigE was.

There was a lot of running around our little park. By the end BigE's face was pink. And was he ever tired. One thing they did this week was running trying to kick the dandelion weeds. I guess it was to practice running with the ball. Fortunately the city does no maintenance with the fields so there are plenty of dandelions. BigE had another good week with the knock the pylon over by kicking the soccer ball.

We finished up with a couple minute two on one as BigE and Mommy tried to score on Daddy. He had fun and didn't need any bribery. Plus the looming rain held off for the practice.

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