Saturday, June 23, 2007

Soccer Practice 8 - The Final Frontier

Today was the final soccer practice. After our usual Saturday morning breakfast with his buddy Monkey they headed back to our place to play with his new racetrack. After an hour of racing cards it was off to soccer.

Back in Soccer Practice 7 we noted BigE's reluctance to start practice. Well he did getting a little whiny and clingy early in the morning. But today there was no problems. He dove right into practice today.

It was a fairly light and relaxed soccer practice. Highlights include

  • BigE finally is starting to get jumping jacks

  • They had to all shout "I like soccer" through a pilon. Some did. Most wore it on their heads

  • The soccer game was a mess as the kids were completely distract. (and some kid kept knocking down the pilon's used for the goals)

In the end somebody ended up with a "Way to Go" Certificate.
BigE's way to go certificate

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