Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Toys

BigE's got a couple of new toys he's pretty pumped about.

BigE with his mini camera
First, and least in size, is his mini camera. A Digital Camera keychain from Canadian Tire. One of those little piece's of c*** you would normally not buy. But it was on sale. So I spent money to save money(tm). Seriously, BigE was playing with the real digital camera just a little too much. We had a couple of incidents where the lens cover isn't closing properly due to little fingers. So we needed a decoy.

Let's just say that this camera makes you appreciate anything called image stabilization on any real camera. I'll have an expose of BigE's pictures in a little bit.
BigE setting up his dinky's
Second, and largest, is his new dinky race track. This he picked up with Mama on Friday. Somebody really enjoys it. Line up four cards, push the middle orange lever to release them and watch who wins.

Now in usual fashion each car has it's own lane and the lineup stays the same. Dada got the first two lanes (on the right in the picture). My cars were a 66 Chevy Nova, beige and black, and a white Renault hatchback police car. BigE has Ferrari GTC and a yellow Datsun 240Z (I guess the dinky company never heard of Nissan)
Dinky racetrack
There is a little plastic tab at the end that flicks up as each car passes by. It records the finish of the cars for you. (Although I'm still disputing some finishes. I think lane 4's tab is spring loaded)

As you can imagine this gets the cars moving pretty fast. They usually can sail completely across the floor. Usually under a chair. If not they sail out into the hallway where the Ferrari, who started slow, usually catches my Nova and cuts it off.

Bas****! As BigE would say "Crazy Driver!"

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