Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lunch outside

After Sleeping Outside we had lunch outside today. We fired up the bucket BBQ with some charcoal and had some hot dogs. BigE cooked the hot dogs while Dada was allowed to cook the buns.

Then we took our hot dogs to the tent to have a snack on our new Diego Sleeping bag.
BigE having a hotdog in the tent

That's when we noticed the Chewdon, a great big dinosaur, at the back of our tent.
Chewdon Arnie
But then BigE informed me that he was our friend and wasn't going to eat us.

So after a few bites of hotdog we proceeded to have a nap in our sleeping bag for 5 minutes. Which apparently converted from little boy time means 5 seconds.

BigE in his Diego sleeping bag

After going inside for a minute we came out to discover the Chewdon had eaten our hotdog right out of the ten. (And half a granola bar) Which wouldn't have been the last had BigE not given Arnie the last one off the grill on the way in.

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